To always remember and fully represent your hometown because your roots are a big reason why you are who you are. Tying these elements together, We came up with HOMETOWN KINGS.



The place where names are sown

in public parks the legends grown

street pressure put diamonds in the bedroom

minds of every home


not a quest to own

but touch stone on the legacy

practiced in the paint with no love 

for the urgency


success is a game that is gained

through experience 

all shots threat the clock

we don't dwell on the interference 

or opponents

or loss

or regret


in fact the more the underdog

the bigger the bet

in fact coached up on setbacks

now the lesser we sweat


hard nights in street lights

turn to stadiums and rings

but the league could never give

what the fans always bring 

We live for the moment 

when they chant and sing:

Home Town Kings!

Home Town Kings!


Before the score or the stats 

endorsement from the stands

the spread of the HomeTown

worth more than gold bands

once a star always a threat